Anonymous asked:

just woke up. dreamed that i finally got my paws around prophet45, but it was shit. and then you guys kept on kicking the date for earth war and eventually announcing that it was never going to release, did i just have a nightmare? what the fuck brandon?

royalboiler answered:

The other night I had a dream where I decided that I was going to draw a whole comic in pencil and then woke up disgusted at how boring my dreams are. 

#45 is weird because it’s not the ending at all. but I wanted to do a fatter issue that set up the real ending in Earth war. 

Here’s a Simon and Joseph on colors page from #45. This is a city built into a shell left by the superbeing Glory that she molted and left behind— the city is now being slowly transformed into rings for the man-made worm hole-the cyclops rail.

I think Simon and Joseph did it up. and that the old root Hyohyogan (or how ever I spell that) in his new form.